April 27, 2017

Chinese Kilo 636M class submarine launched anti-ship missiles

 People's Republic of China366Yuan Zheng 66 HaoSaint Petersburg63616 July 199626 April 199726 August 1997active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China367Yuan Zheng 67 HaoSaint Petersburg63628 August 199718 June 199825 October 1998active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China368Yuan Zheng 68 HaoSaint Petersburg636M18 October 200227 May 200420 October 2004active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China369Yuan Zheng 69 HaoSaint Petersburg636M18 October 200219 August 20042005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China370Yuan Zheng 70 HaoSaint Petersburg636M2004May 20052005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China371Yuan Zheng 71 HaoSaint Petersburg636M200420052005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China372Yuan Zheng 72 HaoSaint Petersburg636M200520052006active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China373Yuan Zheng 73 HaoNizhniy Novgorod636MJuly 19928 May 20045 August 2005active as of 2007
 People's Republic of China374Yuan Zheng 74 HaoSeverodvinsk636M29 May 200321 May 200530 December 2005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China375Yuan Zheng 75 HaoSeverodvinsk636M29 May 200314 July 200530 December 2005active as of 2006

Indian Air Force's 221 Squadron 'Valiants' at Halwara, Punjab gets brand new bird -- the Su-30 MKI

China launches first domestic aircraft carrier

Maiden flight of Sino-Pak JF-17 two-seat fighter trainer first flight

New paint scheme of the Rafale Solo Display 2017

Marine Le Pen's beautiful victory speech. She has momentum, the people love her

Islamic State Releases Pictures Of Suicide Bombers Who Attacks On Police On The Road Between Ayn Al-Faras and Tikrit

Twin TOW Missiles Send Troops Flying In Syria

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