August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 mid flight! Breathtaking

The Lion of Ladakh - Capture of Chorbat La

ROC Navy (Taiwan) Catamaran Corvette Tuo River with 16x ASM: 8x Hsiung Feng II + 8x HF III supersonic missiles

Chinese YJ-12 supersonic AShM

Russian Tankmen destroy targets from a twin machine gun

Four CF-18s being deployed to Romania in September

As part of its contribution to enhanced NATO air policing, the Royal Canadian Air Force will send four CF-18 Hornets to Constanta, Romania, from September to December 2017.

Chile interested in Israeli ship-borne LORA ballistic missile system

According to Jane’s, the Chilean military is interested in getting the Israeli Long Range Attack (LORA) ballistic missile system to fulfill its requirement for a ship-borne long-range attack capability.

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